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Use our interactive calculator below to find out how much a GivEnergy Solar & Battery installation would cost & save.

  • Create a home that can power itself and your car.
  • Increase your self sufficiency.
  • Save/Earn 10-15% per year tax free.
  • Increase your EPC and add value to your home, proven by Rightmove.
  • Earn additional income supporting the grid with GivEnergy’s smart tariff automations.

How Much Does a GivEnergy Solar Installation Cost?

Use our interactive cost calculator below and find out in 20 seconds.

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Which system are you interested in?


GivEnergy Smart Tariff Automations

GivEnergy is a leader in smart energy management and tariff automations which combines solar, batteries and an EV charger to power homes and maximise energy efficiency.

The key features of GivEnergy include seamless integration of products, time-of-use tariff integration for energy savings and potential earnings – either through their partnership with Axel Energy to support the grid in times of stress – called ‘GivBack’ – earning GivEnergy owners up to £2.15/kWh or the smart tariff automations that work well with Octopus Agile & Flux are hard to beat!

All controlled through the GivEnergy app.

GivEnergy Solar Installation prices

Giv-Bat 9.5 - Front
3.5 kW Solar + GivEnergy 5.2 kWh battery


£9600 + 0% VAT

3.5 kW Solar + 2 x 5.2 kWh GivEnergy batteries


£11,550 + 0% VAT

Why Choose GivEnergy?

GivEnergy is a UK based company with a large technical and engineering team based in Stoke. They are known to be the leaders in smart tariff automations – allowing you to get the most out of your system.

Their software rivals Tesla – which is the best we can install – however, GivEnergy’s hybrid inverters offer advantages an AC coupled system cannot at a more affordable price.
The system can be controlled through a smartphone app, allowing users to monitor and optimize their energy usage. The key features of the GivEnergy system include seamless integration of products, time-of-use tariff integration for energy savings and potential earnings.
The system offers an industry leading 12-year warranty for the inverters & battery, solar compatibility for the EV charger, and UK-based support.
Overall, the GivEnergy aims to help homeowners achieve net-zero energy bills and reduce their environmental impact.

What our customers say

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faq’s about GivEnergy

Prices start from £9600 for a 3.5 kW solar array and 5.2 kWh battery.

You can add up to 5 batteries together.

You can add up to 5 GivEnergy batteries together.

Each additional battery is £1950.

This will depend on your electricity usage and generation. The higher your usage and generation – the more you will save.

If you can generate more energy than you consume per year, your electricity bill could go negative.

If you request a free design and quotation at the top of the page – we can model your estimated savings for you.

Payback times are usually between 6-10 years.  Studies have shown the EPC uplift could add up to 4% to your home’s value due to lower running costs.

Yes, but you will need an extra component called a changeover switch.

This is to physically disconnect your home or property from the grid in the event of a power cut, the GivEnergy inverter’s EPS would then continue to power the home and battery.

Changeover switches can be a manual switch or an automatic switch.

No. A GivEnergy hybrid or AC coupled inverter works with or without solar.

The hybrid inverters will also work with just solar if you wanted to add batteries later.

We recommend having between 12 to 24 hours of battery storage. Therefore, if your usage is 3650 kWh per year, on average you use 10 kWh a day, we would recommend 1-2 batteries.

If your average electricity usage is 30 kWh per day, we would recommend 15-30 kWh of battery storage.

GivEnergy Inverters and Batteries are designed to be virtually maintenance-free. Keep them clean and uncluttered.

Leoht provides 5 years of maintenance and tech support so if there is a concern, let us know and we’ll look into it for you.

This depends on the size of the installation. For an average sized residential system, please allow 2-3 days.

We would have to check that your solar panels are working properly but there is no reason why you couldn’t replace your old inverter with a GivEnergy Inverter and battery(s) 

You would have to consider your Feed in tariff if applicable, we wouldn’t recommend a Feed in Tariff system switch to a hybrid inverter as that would risk your FiT. You can install a system alongside an older Feed in Tariff system and keep the FiT.