About Leoht


Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to accelerate the adoption of residential renewable energy in the UK.

We'll achieve this by providing homeowners with high performing - quality solar power systems in a way that is clear and transparent, with projections that are accurate and prices that are competitive. So that customers will love AND recommend the systems to their friends and neighbours.

Providing the best customer experience in the industry by involving the customer in the design of their system and using technology to identify the best performing system for your roof. Expertly installed.

Leoht (pronounced ‘lee-ot’, meaning ‘Light’ in Old English) was founded by me, Thomas Moyes (right) in 2020. 

About Leoht solar panels
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About Me

I’m Thomas Moyes. I set up Leoht to increase the adoption of residential renewable energy in the UK, starting with solar.

If we are to hit our renewable energy targets we’ll have to install 47,000 domestic solar installations per month every month starting from Jan 1st 2021 until 2035 in order for 25% of UK homes to have solar. We are currently at around 3000 per month so we need to improve quite a bit!

There really has never been a better time to install solar panels (Even after the FiT has been removed) the returns are higher, the cost is lower. Solar panels now also look much better than 10 years ago.

A premium all-black solar panel installation can improve the aesthetics of your roof, deliver a significant amount of your energy needs, increase self-sufficiency, add value to your home whilst earning a return on investment.