Installing Solar Panels in Crawley


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Installing Solar Panels in Crawley

Installing solar panels is amongst the wisest investments you can make to save money. You must have thought of installing PV solar panels before but might not have taken a step towards it due to various factors related to its cost, utility and set-up. 

Well, you don't have to worry about it anymore. 

We at Leoht are committed to providing the best service to our customers.

Before proceeding with the installation, we consider the following factors: location and direction of the property, available space, and electricity consumption to determine the most suitable solar panel installation. 


Why install Electric Solar Panels in Crawley? 

Installing solar panels in Crawley has numerous benefits, the foremost being cost savings. Residential Solar Panels in Crawley may not show enough savings in the initial years, but they will save you a lot in the long run. 

However, solar panels used for commercial purposes will show savings instantly. 

Crawley receives annual sunlight of 1,640 hours, with a high of 212 hours in July and a low of 52 hours in December. 

Make the most of this decent amount of sunlight annually and reduce your carbon footprint by installing solar power panels in Crawley. 

To estimate how much money you will save on electricity by installing solar panels, we develop an initial model of your property before installation based on the satellite imagery. Based on the results, we decide which solar installation in Crawley will match the requirements.  

In addition, we can get an estimate on how much electricity will the solar panels produce for you and how much carbon emissions you may cut after installing PV solar panels in Crawley.

After evaluating these initial stage findings, we will do a comprehensive check to ensure the practicality of installing solar panels at your home or office. 


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Get the most out of the Crawley sun with solar panels by Leoht

The cost of installing a solar panel system may feel higher compared to its savings, but it is one of the best investments in the long run. 

Despite cost savings, the bigger goal is to reduce the dependence on non-renewable energy and adopt renewable energy to protect and save the environment.

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Snapshot of a large residential solar panel design

how much does a south facing solar array generate in the winter
how much does a south facing solar array generate in the winter production results

In December this array will still generate 27% of the amount of electricity it would produce in June.


What Our Clients Say

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"The team at Leoht took care of the entire installation process in such an impressive manner. We don’t regret our decision to go solar a single bit! Highly recommend their services."

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"We had an amazing experience getting our PV solar panels installed by Leoht. Their excellent customer support even ensured a thorough post-installation check. Very trustworthy!"


Frequently Asked Questions

The weather in Crawley is mild and pleasant throughout the year, with short summers and long winters. The temperature ranges from 2°C to 22°C throughout the year. 

Renewable energy offers enormous benefits like cost savings, reducing carbon footprint, controlling noise pollution, and sometimes generating additional income. 

Yes, you should install solar panels in Crawley. They not only save electricity bills but also help reduce carbon emissions, thereby making our planet greener. 

Yes, residential solar panels are effective but might not provide savings initially. However, over time, they can help you save a lot on electricity bills.