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Installing solar panels in Hove

Leoht’s proven method in designing and installing solar panels in Hove is by far the most well thought out and user-friendly approach in our opinion.

We offer you a well-designed proposal for you to consider, taking into account your electricity usage, the space available and providing different battery options for you to assess. Free of charge and without the need for salesmen, helping us both save money.

We take many different characteristics into consideration when planning your commercial or residential solar panel installation, most importantly factoring in the location of your property itself, the direction it faces, the space available, any shading and your own electricity usage.

We then use data to determine the most effective solar PV installation for your property and provide you with a link where you can view your own bespoke electric solar panel installation.


Why fit Solar Panels in Hove?

Hove is located in the sunniest place in England, we receive 9.1% more sunlight than Devon (according to the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, MCS).

Instead of spending fortunes on less environmentally friendly and expensive electricity bills, make the most of the resources available to you, like the beautiful Brighton & Hove sun. 

Even during the winter, we would expect a 6 kW solar system to produce 6+ kWh, an average home uses 10 kWh per day, so even during the darkest days of winter, your solar panel system will still provide a good chunk of your electricity. The batteries could be set to time charging mode and top up during off-peak times to provide the rest of your power when there is less daylight.

We will create an initial model of your property using satellite imagery to determine location, shading, direction and pitch to help us plan and prepare the most efficient and effective solar panelling solution for your Hove property. 

This initial data collection can give you an accurate estimate of how much money the Hove sun will save you on your electricity bills. We can also determine how much your house’s CO2 emissions will be reduced based on these findings, and give you a realistic representation of your positive environmental impact.

The final step of this initial stage is a comprehensive evaluation to ensure that our proposed solar panelling approach is completely feasible based on numerous contributing factors, consisting of variables such as location, budget and installation requirements. 

Brighton install.jpg

Flat & pitched roof installation, Hanover, Brighton

In order to confirm compatibility for your Hove property, we will check that all of our planned solar panel components are fully compatible with one another. We check that the PV array is sized correctly with the inverter and that the system complies with industry regulations. We also consider mechanical and electrical constraints. 

To calculate how much electricity your solar panel system would produce, we use the industry-standard MCS performance estimate calculations.


Snapshot of a large residential solar panel design (Hove, South-facing).

how much does a south facing solar array generate in the winter
how much does a south facing solar array generate in the winter production results

In December this array will still generate 27% of the amount of electricity it would produce in June.


Get The Most Out of the Hove Sun with Leoht

Solar panels alone will not completely replace your electricity bills, instead, we aim to reduce them as much as possible. Switching to renewable energy can save you thousands of pounds, making that initial lump sum payment one of the best investments you’ll ever make. 

Our most cost-efficient solar and battery storage options are available for as little as £7,600 but can save you over £26,000 over a 25 year period (with inflation rates taken into account). Given the recent energy price rises, savings could be considerably higher.

These renewable energy systems can reduce your CO2 emissions significantly, investing in our 6.1kW solar panel solution, can be equivalent to planting 736 trees in Hove.

If you want to get even more out of the Hove sun, we recommend investing in a larger battery that allows you to store more power, a battery is also able to top up at night during off-peak rates to be used throughout the day, perfect for the winter when your solar array will not be able to fully charge your batteries.


Frequently Asked Questions

Hove is a very efficient location when it comes to generating energy from the sun. The seaside city receives some of the most sunlight in the UK. Brighton & Hove receives 9.1% more light than Devon according to MCS.

Solar panels need light to be effective, they will silently create electricity whenever there is daylight. Irradiance (light) levels will change throughout the year so the amount of electricity generated will also fluctuate. A good rule of thumb is that solar panels will generate the equivalent of 20-25% of their summer output in the winter.

Investing in renewable energy is a great way to cut down on CO2 emissions caused by the generation of electricity. Investing in some of our most efficient solar panel solutions here in Hove could have the same environmental impact as planting 736 trees.

Brighton & Hove is one of the sunniest cities in the UK, reaching lows of 7°C in the January months, and average heat of 22°C. This is the perfect weather for producing energy from sunlight, and by investing in some of our battery solutions you can store this energy to be used over night or to assist in providing energy in the winter months.

More and more people are switching to renewable energy every day, as it has so many fantastic benefits. You could significantly reduce your electricity bill, even eliminate it during brighter months. It is also fantastic for the environment. Hove is a great location for solar panels due to the fantastic weather.