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As well as building a trusted home energy brand - built on educational content and quality installations. Leoht is also focussed on supporting the adoption of commercial scale solar throughout the UK.

Our services aim to streamline your commercial solar projects by providing the designs, the DNO paperwork/applications, G99/G100 or the ENA Standard application form, creating custom SLDs for your project and providing optimised "install as seen" string plans for your installation teams. Speeding up the deployement of commercial scale solar whilst ensuring a high standard of installation.


1. Commercial solar designs - From £85 + VAT

Win more commercial tenders with a great looking professional solar design. Maximise the solar capacity installed, ensure regulations and best practises are met. All designs are to scale using the exact solar panel model of your choice.

We can also overlay to scale designs onto building plans provided - perfect for a new build or new construction.

Presented in a branded template (right) including the number of panels, capacity of the solar array, estimated annual generation - please be aware this is only an indication at this stage and includes the MCS disclaimer.

Commercial solar design redacted pdf.png
Leoht commercial solar design Linlab.png
Commercial solar design regulated spacing

2. Easy to follow string plans for your installation teams - From £350 + VAT

Make it easy for your installation teams to string the project properly. No exceeding the inverter's designed input, we string your design according to the inverter(s) you are using. No auto-stringing software is used.
Ensure multiple orientations are on seperate strings,  no two strings are affected by shade when only one needs to be, ensure no short strings lead to a higher voltage drop on long DC cable routes. Avoid exceeding the maximum number of panels per string leading to exceeding the maximum MPPT voltage limit and losing generation.

String plan pdf image.png

There are few things more frustrating than having to revisit a commercial project because it hasn't been strung properly. Make it easy for your install teams to string the project properly with an easy to follow "install as seen" string plan.

Close up solar string plan

Larger zoomed in copies of the original image can be provided for you to print out and hand to your installers. All they need to do is copy the plan and your install will be strung properly - boosting generation, reducing losses and preventing costly revisits.


3. DNO paperwork & applications - From £400 + VAT

A1-1 <50kW, G100 Export limitation, ENA SAF, let us handle your DNO paperwork - includes the single line diagram and supporting documents needed and the inevitable amendment to the single line diagram and SAF if/when an export limit is required and we need to submit a further G100 application. The G100 application fee still applies but with the SLD removed.
We'll make sure the paperwork is correct and ready for the DNO to look at and make a decision.

A1.1 form less than 50 kW.png
ENA SAF G99 Front cover.png

4. Custom Single Line Diagrams - From £135 + VAT*

We create easy to read custom single line diagrams. Perfect for the end user and also DNO ready. Very useful if your AC setup is unique or difficult to plot with automated/inflexible software. Our SLDs include the warning labels, we can also add your logo.

Custom single line diagrams.png
Complex SLD multiple inverters and panel boards.png

Check out our video & educational content, feel free to reuse any of the videos that you find helpful.

2:2 complex SLD.png