How much energy do everyday household items use?


Knowing how much energy appliances in your home typically use will help you maximise your self-consumption of your solar-generated energy.

For example, if you have a 3600W hybrid inverter then the maximum AC output of your solar array and battery will be 3600W. You may want to avoid having multiple heavy usage items on at the same time if peak demand will exceed your inverter's maximum AC output.


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Typical energy consumption and cost of using household appliances

Household ItemEnergy ratingTypical usageEnergy used in kWhCost (April 2022 Price Cap)
Kettle (Russel Hobbs)3000W1 minute0.05 kWh1.5p
Nepresso Coffee Machine1710W90 seconds (per cup)0.043 kWh1.3p
Blender400W5 minutes0.033 kWh1p
Toaster (2 slice)900W5 minutes0.075 kWh2.2p
Toaster (4 slice)2000W5 minutes0.17 kWh5.1p
Fridge freezer150W8 hours
(33% duty cycle)
1.2 kWh36.2p per day
American Fridge Freezer250W8 hours
(33% duty cycle)
2 kWh60.4p per day
Freezer100W8 hours
(33% duty cycle)
0.8 kWh24.1p per day
Fridge100W8 hours
(33% duty cycle)
0.8 kWh24.1p per day
Laptop50W8 hours0.4 kWh12p
Charge an iPhone for one yearUp to 5WEveryday1.8 kWh54.3p per year
Just over 1p a week!
55" Samsung TV110W3 hours0.33 kWh10p
75" Samsung TV154W3 hours0.46 kWh13.9p
Single electric oven3000W1 hour3 kWh90.6p per hour
Patio Heater2000W1 hour2 kWh60.4p per hour
Microwave1500W3 minutes0.075 kWh2.2p
Iron3000W20 minutes1 kWh30.2p
Dishwasher2200W2 hours4.4 kWh£1.33 (per day?)
Washing Machine2200W1 hour2.2 kWh66p
Tumble dryer (modern)800W45 minutes0.6 kWh18.1p
10 x Lightbulbs - incandescent
700 lumens x 8 hours a day
600W8 hours4.8 kWh£1.45 per day
10 x Lightbulbs - LED
700 lumens x 8 hours a day
100W8 hours0.8 kWh24.1p per day
Desktop computerUp to 300W8 hours2.4 kWh72.5p
Hot tubUp to 6000W1 hour6 kWh£1.81

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It might be quite interesting to note a few suprises. For example, boiling a kettle costs just 1.5p and charging your phone everyday for a year costs just 54p!

It's also important to see how much energy combinations of appliances use. For example, having the dishwasher and washing machine on at the same time = 4400W which would exceed a 3600W hybrid inverter's AC output and start using the grid, it will be worth staggering these items.

For example, if you staggered the electricity usage of your dishwasher and electric oven and only used your solar panels and battery to cover their usage once per day, you would save £956.30 a year, just on those two appliances.

Also switching to LED bulbs if you haven't already, older bulbs could use 4.8 kWh over an 8 hours period, if you had a 5 kWh battery, almost all of your battery would have been used just on lighting, whereas LED lights would only use 0.8 kWh.


How much of my solar energy could I realistically use?


This will depend on your level of usage - the higher your usage relative to the electricity generated by your solar panels - the more generation you would use, without making any changes to your usage.

The estimated savings given in your design are based on MCS self-consumption tables and typically estimate that you will use consume 40-50% of your solar-generated energy.

Consider: If your solar array provides 15 kWh of electricity per day - using the above table, how many items could your solar panels power each day?

If you are able to make small changes to the way you consume electricity - staggering usage, using heavy usage items when the battery is available (day or night) we have customers that have been able to use 85%+ of their solar-generated electricity.

The picture to the right shows that one of our customers used just 4.5 kWh of electricity for the week at the end of March (21/03/2022 - 27/03/2022),they sent us a screenshot as they were so pleased. 

4.5 kWh down from 84 kWh a week before solar in March is very impressive! They even exported 85 kWh too, earning 85 x 7.5p = £6.37.

If you do not plan to change your usage, the MCS self-consumption estimate will provide a good guide.

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