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How much does a Tesla Powerwall install cost?

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Tesla Powerwall 2 Now Available to install within 4 weeks

Tesla Powerwall 2 + Gateway

From £8350 + 20% VAT

Tesla Powerwall 2 + Gateway + Solar

From £13,200 + 0% VAT

  • The Tesla Powerwall 2 is a residential energy storage system developed by Tesla.
  • It stores solar energy captured from solar panels for use during power outages or during peak usage hours.
  • It can also be used as a stand alone battery storage installation to draw power from the grid at off-peak times.
  • Powerwall 2 has a storage capacity of 13.5 kilowatt-hours, significantly larger than its predecessor.
  • The system comes with an integrated inverter, which decreases the complexity of installation and increases efficiency. An inverter for the solar array would still be required.
  • It can be mounted both indoors and outdoors and is a scalable product, meaning multiple units can be installed together to increase power storage.
  • The Powerwall 2 is compatible with any solar system and can also draw power from the grid when necessary.
  • It incorporates 'Storm Watch' feature that prepares the system for inclement weather by ensuring it is fully charged and ready.
  • The Powerwall 2 is also equipped with 'Time-Based Control' to smartly discharge energy during high cost periods and charge during low cost periods, potentially saving on energy costs.
  • The Powerwall 2 can be controlled and monitored through the Tesla mobile app, allowing users to monitor their solar, storage, and home energy usage in real-time.
  • Tesla offers a 10-year warranty for the Powerwall 2, promising durability and long-term use.

Frequently asked questions about the Tesla Powerwall 2.

Supply and installation of a Tesla Powerwall 2 + Gateway costs £8550 + 20% VAT.
Powerwall + Gateway + Solar starts from £13,500 + 0% VAT.


This will depend on your electricity usage and generation. The higher your usage and generation - the more you will save.

If you can generate more energy than you consume per year, your electricity bill could go negative. 

If you request a free design and quotation at the top of the page - we can model your estimated savings for you.

Tesla Powerwall 2 + solar payback is usually between 7-10 years. Although, value will also be added to your home - studies show the EPC uplift could contribute 4%.

If the budget allows then definitely. It's the best system we can install, it comes with Tesla Gateway for whole house back up, the software and service are what you'd expect from Tesla.

It looks great outdoors or in a garage and the install cost would likely just be added to your house value, everyoone knows who Tesla are. It's a high quality system giving you peace of mind and great performance.



The answer is yes, the Tesla Powerwall is designed to provide backup power during grid outages. Depending on the energy usage of your home and how many Powerwalls you have installed, it can potentially power your home for several hours to a few days. It automatically switches to backup power in the event of a grid outage, ensuring that your home remains powered.

The Tesla Gateway will do this automatically, with hybrid inverters, you would need to add a manual or automatic changeover switch to physically disconnect the house from the grid in the event of a power cut.

The answer is no, you do not need solar panels to use a Tesla Powerwall.

While the Powerwall is designed to integrate seamlessly with solar power, it can also be used with grid power. It can charge from the grid during off-peak hours and provide power to your home during peak hours, potentially saving you money if your utility has time-of-use rates. However, without solar panels, it won't provide the same level of self-sustainability and resilience during prolonged grid outages.

The number of Tesla Powerwalls you need for your home depends on your energy usage and your goals for energy independence.

A single Powerwall can provide backup power for your essential appliances during a power outage or a smaller home, but may not be able to support the entire energy load of a large home with high usage.

If you have high energy usage and want to power your entire home during outages, or want to be energy-independent for extended periods, you may need multiple Powerwalls. Consulting with a Tesla Energy expert is recommended if you think you may need multiple Powerwalls. You can do this by completing our enquiry form at the top of this page, or call 01273 286 627.

The answer is that the Tesla Powerwall is designed to be virtually maintenance-free. It uses lithium-ion battery technology, which does not require regular upkeep like some other forms of energy storage. It does not need to be serviced by the owner or have its components replaced on a regular basis. However, Tesla recommends that the Powerwall installation be inspected every few years by a qualified electrician or installer to ensure that it's still functioning optimally and safely. You can also monitor the performance of your Powerwall remotely using the Tesla app, and the system will alert you if there are any issues.

Yes. We are certified Tesla Powerwall installers.

You can build your own Tesla Powerwall Installation using our interactive calulator above. No personal details required. Get a result in 30 seconds to find out the cost and potential savings.

Tesla Powerwall installations in the UK range from £8500 - £20,000+ depending on the amount of solar and number of Tesla Powerwalls.