Will pigeons nest under my solar panels?





While it’s actually quite rare, it does happen and when pigeons do nest under your panels it can be very frustrating, they will not damage the cabling underneath but they could make a mess on top of your panels. There are a few easy and non-invasive options to prevent this from happening.

What can be done to prevent pigeons from nesting under your panels?


There are several things you can do to prevent birds from nesting under your panels.

Fortunately, there are some simple, non-invasive options.


1. Bird mesh or bird netting surrounding the array.

Perhaps not the most attractive option. Bird mesh is usually made of galvanised steel which wouldn’t look very nice next to your expensive solar panels. This will prevent birds from being able to get under your solar panels.

However, please note that you cannot fix bird mesh to the panels themselves as it will void the solar panels warranty, bird mesh would have to be clipped to the roof mountings.

  • Not very aesthetically pleasing
  • Can be expensive

2. Bird spikes surrounding your array

Not very humane! But it will stop pigeons from nesting underneath your solar panels.

  • Not very humane
  • Unattractive


3. Pigeon deterrents – recommended options

(source: Pigeon media, https://pigeonpedia.com/how-to-stop-pigeons-nesting-under-solar-panels)

There are a number of different pigeon deterrents available that you could try using on your solar panels.

  • Bird decoys – get a large plastic imitation bird of prey such as a hawk, owl or falcon and fix it to your roof. Make sure it is well secured to prevent it from blowing away. Be aware that the effectiveness of a bird decoy will depend on how realistic it is and how confident your local pigeons are feeling!
  • Electronic pest chasers – These emit high-frequency sounds that the human ear can’t hear but that pigeons hate. Set this up within earshot of your roof and the noise should deter pigeons from roosting there.
  • Pigeon repellent gel – There’s nothing particularly nasty about this gel except that pigeons don’t like the feel of it because it’s sticky and makes them feel trapped, something that they are afraid of. Simply cover your roof with it underneath your panels and it will make pigeons unlikely to roost there. Be aware it will need to be reapplied periodically to remain effective.


4. Keep your garden and driveway clean

Pigeons like to nest nearby a source of food. If they do not have a nearby source of food then they’re much less likely to view your roof as a good place to nest!



Before committing to an ugly pigeon proofing system and ruining the look of your solar array, why not try one of the simpler deterrents in option 3 such as the Electronic pest chaser and by keeping your garden and driveway clean.