How do solar panels generate electricity? Solar panels generate electricity by using the photovoltaic effect. In 1921, Albert Einstein won his first and only Nobel prize for his work on describing the photoelectric effect. Light (a beam of particles) knocks loose electrons from the solar cell, the solar cell then directs these electrons along a current – creating electricity. The […]

How are solar panel savings calculated? Your solar panel savings come in two parts Self-consumption of solar generated energy, reducing the amount of electricity you have to buy from the grid. Smart Export Guarantee – units of electricity that you do not consume or store in a battery are exported to the national grid. For each unit your utility will […]

Will pigeons nest under my solar panels? Possibly. While it’s actually quite rare, it does happen and when pigeons do nest under your panels it can be very frustrating, they will not damage the cabling underneath but they could make a mess on top of your panels. There are a few easy and non-invasive options to prevent this from happening. What […]

How does a solar battery work?

A solar battery stores excess generation from your solar installation that would otherwise be exported. It can also charge at off-peak times to be used during peak times. Once the battery is full, your solar installation will simply continue exporting. The hybrid inverter will tell the battery to discharge when the home needs electricity. If […]

4 kW Solar system – why are they still popular?

A 4 kW solar sytem can be a good option for a household with average energy consumption. 4kW solar systems are generally more affordable, produce as much electricity as the average household uses per year and will fit onto most roofs. However, If you have enough roof space, a 4 kW solar system might not be the best […]

Do I need to clean my solar panels? Correction: Not all solar panels are suitable to walk on* Yes. Just like cleaning your windows to let in more light, it is also worth adding your solar panels to the window cleaning schedule. Remember – the more light getting to the solar cells means the more electrons are knocked loose, which means your […]

I’m retired – Should I get solar panels?

Should you install solar panels in retirement or before you retire? An ideal retirement is one without bills! A solar installation will beat any savings account or annuity for returns. Prices now start from just £4950. As a small portion of your retirement investments, solar would be a perfect addition in retirement. One way to […]

How much would getting solar panels offset my impact on the environment?

In the real-world examples below, we’ll show you how one customer reduced their pollution and CO2 emissions from electricity consumption by 177%. Hove project case study Location: Brighton & Hove Roof orientation: South Roof pitch: 30 degrees System size: 6.7kW Battery: 5.12 kWh Annual generation: 7271 kWh per year Annual electricity consumption: 4,100 kWh per […]

How long do solar panels last? Solar panels are expected to last 40-50 years. Although, in theory, solar cells will still be producing power long after we’re all gone. Good quality solar panels have a warranty of between 25 to 30 years. The warranty guarantees the solar panels operate at a minimum performance in year 25 or year 30 compared […]

How many solar panels do I need?

How many solar panels do I need? Most domestic installations fall between 6 – 24 solar panels. You will need 10 solar panels to generate the equivalent amount of electricity that an average home uses per year. You are not limited to a 4 kW solar panel system. Turn 1 kWh of exported solar energy […]