Solar Panels for Business

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Solar Panels for businesses are tax deductible

Making them a very attractive investment as well as a hedge against voltatile energy prices...

Pssst....they're also good for the environment and reduce our reliance on others!


Solar Panels for Farms

  • From £10,000 + VAT

  • Tax deductible. Up to 45% for some LLPs.

  • Payback in 4-5 years before tax releif.

  • ROI 20-25% tax free. 30 year performance warranty.

Ground mounted solar array on a farm

To tackle this customers very high electricity usage at home, he opted to use a corner of one of his fields. He now generates more electricity from his 30 kW system than he consumes per year, with 40 kWh of battery storage - he wouldn't need the grid for large parts of the year, his electricity bill used to be £550 per month...last year it was negative.

Solar Panels for Industrial units

  • From £10,750 + VAT

  • Tax deductible. 

  • Payback in 4-5 years before tax releif.

  • ROI 20-25% tax free. 30 year performance warranty.

Leoht Tesla infront of a commercial solar install

The owner of the above project recieved tax relief of 45% as an LLP. The system has already paid for itself 2 years later. He has booked to install another 20 kW system later this will still be producing these returns in 25 years time!


Why Leoht?

At Leoht, we pride ourselves on our in-house training, ensuring seamless collaboration between our designer and installation team, led by Kyle Merryweather. Our mission is to deliver well designed and installed systems that exceed expectations, increasing the adoption of solar energy through recommendations. 

Tailored to meet your specific needs, our flexible approach accommodates the unique challenges of each roof, guaranteeing excellence in every project, whether it's a 3 kW home setup or a 50 kW commercial system. With Leoht, you're guaranteed a top-notch installation that performs flawlessly, backed by our dedicated in-house team ready to address any concerns swiftly.

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