Feed in Tariff - Is it still available in 2024?

The Feed in Tariff ended in 2019 and was replaced by the Smart Export Guarantee.

Octopus Outgoing currently pays 15p/kWh and as high as 30p/kWh on Octopus Flux for exported electricity. E On pays 16.5p/kWh.

Now export rates have improved dramatically and the cost of a solar only installation has fallen - you could earn 15%+ tax free pa. and potentially have a negative electricity bill over the year if you can generate 50% more than you consume.

Typically Smart Export Guarantee rates in 2024 vary between 7-30p/kWh. You can get paid much higher rates if you have a battery and use it to support the grid when demand is high.

As can be seen in the table of Feed in Tariff rates below.

There are many different rates and electricity tariffs available, some make imports the same price as exports. Some are aimed at importing 2 units of off-peak energy for every unit exported.

Installing solar panels now can lead to a negative electricity bill!

There are no grants or government subsidies available for solar PV. 

Year Feed in Tariff &
SEG rates
2015 5.94 - 13.39p
2016 0.52 - 4.32p
2017 0.37p - 4.04p
2018 0.19 - 3.76p
2019 - FiT replaced
by SEG
0.14 - 3.55p
2020 1 - 5p
2021 1 - 5p
2022 5 - 15p *high of £1.60*
2023 7 - £2.15***
2024 7p - £2.15p***
*Source: OFGEM
**The FIT rates were paid on generation
the SEG is paid on exports
***Demand Flexibility Scheme pays £2.15 kWh up to £4.40.

You can now get paid up to £10.75 an hour for supporting the grid during time of stress. (£2.15/kWh). On top of the Smart Export Guarantee.

There are many different export rates available. Installing solar panels now can lead to a negative bill if you can export more than you import with some tariffs.

There are no Feed in Tariff or grants available for solar PV any longer as the installation cost is 2-3 TIMES lower and the savings have increased, even after taking the feed in tariff away in 2019.

Participating in the Demand Flexibility Scheme could earn you up to £4 per kWh by telling your battery to export when the grid is under stress. Saving the nationl grid a fortune in standy generation thats no longer needed and saving a lot of fossil fuel use!

The Feed In Tariff no longer exists because it is no longer needed.