Smarter Electric Vehicle Charging


GivEnergy's Electric Vehicle Charger

£984 inc VAT fully installed.

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Charge your electric vehicle using the grid, solar or home battery storage. 

Charge from excess solar generation

Charge from the Grid - schedule your charging times to use off-peak energy

Battery power - charge from battery storage

Or a combination of the above to maximise your charging efficiency

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How Much Electricity Does an Electric Car Use?

An average electric car will use 250 Wh per mile or 4 miles per kWh.

To find out more - have a look at our electric car calculator at the bottom of this page.

GivEnergy EV Charger app monitoring

All manageablee from the app

  • Control your EV charging via the GivEnergy app
  • Tell the EV when to start/stop charging and which energy source to use
  • Integrate into your smart home systems
  • Insights into your energy consumption and cost data with GivEnergy's web portal