Solar battery. Is it worth it?


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Solar battery. Is it worth it?


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 Whether a solar battery is worth it depends on two important factors...

  • How much energy from your solar panel installation is available to be stored rather than exported.

  • How much of that stored energy could you use.

(Real-world comparison below)

To answer the question, ask yourself the following questions…

  • How much energy can I generate?

  • How much excess energy would be available to store in the solar battery?

  • How much electricity do I use?

  • What time of day do I use a lot of energy?

The more energy a battery can store each day, the more likely it is that a solar battery is worthwhile. Consuming as much of your solar generation as possible should be the main objective when installing solar panels.

The more energy that you can use the better the payback period. You will be able to increase your self-consumption by a greater degree. Especially if you have higher usage in the morning and evenings.


Don’t worry, Leoht will do the hard work for you.

Each solar design will come with and without a solar battery for comparison

Real-world simulated comparison

6.3 kW System. 6844 kWh generation. 4100 kWh consumption (Sussex)

With a Solar Battery


Increasing self-consumption increases self-sufficiency and provides greater protection against price rises and a much better return on investment.

Uses 100% of their generation in the winter.

No importing from the grid in the summer.

Without a Solar Battery

Self-consumption is almost twice as high with a battery, making better use of your solar installation.

Self-consumption is almost twice as high with a battery, making better use of your solar installation.

The grid is still needed in the morning and at night.

We can even take into account unique usage patterns if you have unusual usage.

For example, a hot tub/swimming pool may use considerably more electricity in the summer than in the winter.

We provide you with all the information necessary, with and without a solar battery.

It is up to you to decide if a solar battery is worth it for your home.

What if you want to wait but would like to install solar panels now?

Connecting a DC-coupled solar battery requires a hybrid inverter. Therefore, existing solar installations with a standard string inverter would have to replace the inverter.

It is possible to install a hybrid inverter that does not require a solar battery to be connected immediately (MOST HYBRID INVERTERS REQUIRE A BATTERY TO BE CONNECTED, so please be careful). When you are ready to add a battery, you can simply plug it in.

AC connected battery – more complex, this installation requires an AC charger and an AC coupled battery in most cases. The most popular AC-coupled battery is the Tesla Powerwall.

An AC-coupled battery can be installed at any time prior to or after a solar panel installation as it is a separate stand-alone system.